Due to the fact that Galicia is one of the westernmost areas of Europe it’s also one of the best places of the Iberian peninsula to watch birds.  Apart from resident birds – those that live all year round among us -, migratory birds can also be watched: summer birds that live here in spring and summer, since they come to breed, as well as winter birds that come here to spend winter, since they come from colder places located further north.

In the vicinity of Celanova there’s a great array of natural areas among which are to be found 2 biosphere reservesGerês-Xurés and Allariz Area -, 1 nature parkBaixa Limia-Xurés – and several spaces that are part of the Natura 2000 Network, with Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and Special Areas of Conservation (SACs): Baixa Limia (SAC & SPA), Limia (SPA), Veiga de Ponteliñares (SAC) and Cañón do Sil (SAC). Apart from birds you will find there a large variety of environments that shelter a rich flora and fauna.

The enormous variety of habitats – mountains, countryside, rivers, canyons, etc.- nearby Celanova allow us to watch all sorts of birds: birds of prey – diurnal and nocturnal -, cliff-nesting birds, aquatic birds – anatidae, shorebirds – etc. Nearby Celanova there are geographic areas – that correspond to each and every one of these habitats – which have trails conceived either for driving, cycling or walking, and of different lengths – from 7 km. in 2 hours up to 56 km.-, in order to watch birds in different times of the year.

MOUNTAIN: Sierra do Xurés (Xurés Range) and Calvos de Randín y Baltar (Calvos de Randín and Baltar)


BIRDS AND WATER: Embalse de Castrelo de Miño y baixo Avia (Castrelo de Miño Reservoir and Lower Avia River)

CANYON: Cañón del Sil (Sil River Canyon)

In order to identify birds accurately it’s desirable to have appropriate gear – binoculars, a bird guide, etc. – and to remember that our behavior must always be respectful towards nature.

Also Smartphone Apps are useful to plan our trip: “Galicia Birding” and “Parques Naturales de Galicia”. (the latter only available in Spanish)

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